How to Prevent Foot Pain When Standing All Day

Millions of people are working on their feet everyday. And if you’re one of them, you’ve probably experienced one of its consequences: foot pain. The good news is you don’t have to suffer from foot pain even if your job make you stand all day.

Follow those simple steps to prevent foot pain:

 STEP 1:

If you are overweight, seriously think about losing weight. The extra weight put unnecessary pressure on your ankle and feet. Motivating yourself to exercise after standing all day at work can be difficult, especially if your feet hurt. For an easy workout, try auqafitness or simply swimming. The water reduces the gravity, which will prevent foot pain. If it is too painful to exercise, focus on your diet. Stay away from the three ‘white poisons’: sugar, salt and white flour. And make extra room for plenty of fresh vegetables, whole grains and water.


Use new gel insoles inside your shoes. Good insoles provide added support which will help prevent foot pain at the end of the day. Make sure to replace your gel insoles before they wear out completely.


Make sure you are wearing the right size shoes. Working with the wrong size shoe can cause major foot pain. Keep those details in mind when looking for the best shoes for standing all day: the heel shouldn’t move when walking, the side of the shoes should fit nicely without causing discomfort, and you should have room for your toes to move (about the width of your thumb). If in doubt, ask a salesperson.


Reduce the pressure on your feet while working. If possible, walk instead of standing still. If you can’t walk, shift from one foot to another, While standing on one foot, lift the other slightly and rotate the ankle. This will give your foot a break and help prevent pain.

Step 5:

If your job has you standing for long period of time, stand on an anti-fatigue mat. By modifying the floor surface, your employer can make your work safer and easier. The worst surface to work on is a concrete floor. To prevent foot pain, do not hesitate to ask for your employer to install anti-fatigue mat.

Step 6:

Wear quality socks. Often look over too quickly, good socks can make the difference between pain free feet and sore feet. Quality socks provide additional cushioning. Look for thick cotton or wool socks to prevent blisters. Socks with holes should be replaced. During long shift, change your socks halfway to prevent moisture from building up.

Step 7:

If your feet still hurt after a long day standing at work, go get a foot massage. You deserve it.